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How drinking alcohol effected my training and health

I have had a long history with drinking alcohol. It hasn’t always been a bad one. Sometimes I have drank more and sometimes I drank less. College was where my relationship with drinking alcohol really began. I dabbled with it in high school, but college was where I began drinking alcohol regularly. Looking back it


How to Pack for Travel to Bring Less yet Have More

Many people are intimidated by packing. Getting your bags together and learning how to pack for travel can be unmanageable. As athletes, it can be even worse. How do you fit all the stuff you need for the trip AND all your training gear? On some of my first trips, I had no idea how


5 Food Hacks to Keep You Fueled on the Road

Eating on the road is tough. Eating healthy is even harder. There have been multiple times while traveling where I have had to settle for a less than desirable meal just because I’m hungry. Over years of traveling, I have found some simple ways to eat better. I want to share 5 food hacks that


Circumnavigating the US by Bike: 01- CT to Philly

In August 2017 I set out on an open ended bike tour circumnavigating the US. This video blog highlights my first adventures on the road from CT to Philly. I biked out my front door in Hartford, CT, and set out to explore.   I met so many amazing people and found some amazing places.


Three Secrets behind Integrating Training into Solo Travel

  Solo Travel can be tough. You are constantly meeting new people and adjusting to new environments. It can be very tough to create any kind of routine as your routine often depends on who you’re surrounded with. For instance, if you’re at a hostel where everyone stays out late drinking, you are much more