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How to Use Triathlon Training to Dominate Your Next Race

My triathlon training was done. It was race day and the emotions washed over me as I gazed over the lake. My body felt ready, yet tired. Sleep had been difficult as I tossed and turned with anticipation. Was I ready? Had I trained hard enough? These questions crossed my mind as I prepared to


Why You Should Start Outdoor Training

People are always worried about the weather. It is a topic of conversation and very boring small talk. People are obsessed with it. Is it going to rain this weekend? Are we going to be able to get that run in tomorrow morning before it rains? Will the event still be on if it storms?


How to Begin Your Journey and Create a Fitness Routine

When we were kids we never “exercised.” Maybe you would run a 5k with a parent, but you never did it to get a better time. This is especially true when we were very young. Our exercise was playing outside with our friends. Kids run around all day with endless energy and never think about


How to Break The “Travel Norm” to Live Healthy

Most people go on a trip and completely ignore their health. They come back completely out of shape and feeling horrible. I always hear people coming back saying they need to “detox” or get to the gym immediately. Why does travel have to make us feel like this? Is it a requirement to go and


How to Create A Fitness Routine on the Road

Why do most people fail when they try to add fitness in when traveling? I know I failed hardcore with fitness when I first started traveling. I bounced from place to place and put no priority on fitness. I soon lost almost all the fitness I had built before my trip. It was disappointing coming