What I'm up to right now!

This is more than an about page. Follow what I'm doing right now in fitness and travel!


I have huge plans for this month! I am starting to traverse the US on an open ended bike tour beginning Monday 8.20.17. My route will take me down the East Coast to St. Augustine Florida from my home in CT. Then I will hang a right and continue to San Diego CA. You will able to see where I'm at with my new Garmin!Β Follow my tour here.


It wasn't any easy decision quitting my job to set off on this tour. I wrote an in depth post on why I made this decision. I also included tips on how you can find what you are looking for. It has been a long journey, but I am really happy to be beginning this next adventure I hope you can follow along.


I want to spread my love of fitness and travel along the way. I hope to get a better idea what people think about fitness and health around the country. My tour aims to inspire them to live healthier lives! If you know someone along the way that I can talk to let me know!


I also recently got my nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. This was a long 4 month process which I am very proud to have gone through. I am looking to use my new knowledge to help you! If you have any nutrition questions email me. I want to start out my nutrition practice by offering coaching for $100 a month. This is a huge discount since most nutrition coaching is $200-$300+. If you are interested, shoot me an email .


I recently started a NEW FB group to help you reach your goals. Don't let the demons of bad health rule your life! Pick up your lance and mount your bike to conquer the battlefields of life. I will be posting LIVE updates from my tour here!Β Join the army of crusaders fighting the battle for fitness.