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I finished my first half ironman!Β All my training culminated in one epic effort. I am very happy to say I crushed my goal of six hours with an overall finish time of 5:22:15. I placed 1st in the Clydesdale Division and 2nd in my age group! My times were:


Swim - 0:38:24, Bike - 2:58:27, Run - 1:40:42


I wrote a comprehensive post detailing my approach before, during, and after the race. I also included some nutrition and training tips for your next race. The post also has some great pictures courtesy of my amazing Dad who supported me the whole race! I am so happy and thankful for all the support I received along the way.


I also recently got my nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. This was a long 4 month process which I am very proud to have gone through. I am looking to use my new knowledge to help you! If you have any nutrition questions email me. I want to start out my nutrition practice by offering coaching for $100 a month. This is a huge discount since most nutrition coaching is $200-$300+. If you are interested, shoot me an email .


I have a couple big announcements planned so stay tuned! Make sure you are getting out there and training! Enjoy the warm weather and do something you ENJOY! Go get lost.


I recently started a NEW FB group to help you reach your goals. Don't let the demons of bad health rule your life! Pick up your lance and mount your bike to conquer the battlefields of life. Join the army of crusaders fighting the battle for fitness.