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My mission is to help you overcome obstacles and reach your dream goals. I want to inspire you to eat better to fuel your future adventures and travels for life.


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About me

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Hi, my name is Joe and I am an avid triathlete, traveler, and adventurer. I have been doing triathlons and endurance training for 5 years now. I love helping people find what they love in training in travel. I struggled to find my place with training and travel and I am eager to help others find where they fit. 


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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney

Everyone starts from somewhere

Including me!

College at 245 lbs.

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Thailand at 200 lbs.

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My journey to where I am now has been a long one. In the picture on the left, I was in college and I weighed 245 lbs. I could barely exercise. Since then, I have transformed traveling through Thailand at 200 lbs.


The journey was not easy and it had its ups and downs. I always enjoyed sports in high school and managed to stay in good shape despite relatively poor eating habits. I entered college at a decent weight with some strength. College was where everything fell apart.


In school, I subsisted on a diet of beer, pizza, and Taco Bell. I really did not care what I ate and exercise was small if nonexistent. I had no idea what good nutrition was. I quickly blew up to the guy you see on the left. More importantly, I was truly unhealthy. In fact, I did not even know what good health was.


My life changed when I found the sport of triathlon. I became obsessed with finding the best info to perform better. I scoured the internet and worked with many different coaches. I found what worked for me and kept it up.


Travel then entered my life and changed the way I thought about everything. I traveled to Ecuador in my junior of college and never thought the same about myself. I learned to live a simple life and appreciate where I had come from. My diet was simple yet satisfying. I dropped the majority of the weight I had put on. I also realized that travel was something that would remain paramount in my life.


Upon return, I kicked up my triathlon training adding strength and fitness. I completed a few more sprint triathlons along with a few Olympic triathlons.


My racing distance and volume has continually increased as I add different and challenging races. I am incessant in pursuing knowledge on triathlon, training, and nutrition. I have experimented with countless methods for better health and fitness. Some worked and some did not (I am still experimenting). I realized there is something amazing about triathlon and travel. I wanted to spread these facets of my life to others.


This is where Tri for Travel was born! I continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. I want to provide the best content combing my passion for endurance training and travel. My ultimate vision is to share this passion with everyone bringing triathlon and travel to the masses. I want people to experience the profound changes I have gone through.


Combining both activities is complicated, but I want to lend my experience to be the one stop shop for all things triathlon and travel. Helping others is my ultimate passion. Let me share my passion and help you find your own passion.