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You're Too Busy to Eat Better

College at 245 lbs.

You don’t have time to eat healthy because you’re always busy. You get home from work and you barely have enough time to heat up mac and cheese. Work and family obligations are limiting you from eating better.

  • You have no time to prepare healthy meals.
  • Your health is suffering because of work and family obligations.
  • You’ve always wanted to eat better but can never find the time.

I’ve felt the same way. 

I came out of college overweight, unhappy, and stressed. I was starting a new job where I could barely find the time to get dressed in the morning. Healthy eating had no part in my routine. I found it hard to prepare a meal. I became unhappy with the day to day grind and the way my body looked and felt. 

Finally, I got fed up and committed to good health. 

Through experimentation, I figured out how to eat healthy with an incredibly busy schedule. I learned quick and easy ways to eat better that broke the diet norm. I learned so much that I had to share my techniques with you.

I created this business so you can learn to eat healthy even with a busy schedule. 

  • I help you build healthy habits with a hectic life to eat better and live better. 
  • My meal prep program introduces easy healthy habits into a busy life. 
  • It allows you to simply eat healthy instead of eating takeout every night of the week.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney

I loved being active when I was a kid and in high school. I was in the best shape of my life. College stopped that when I began to subsist on beer, pizza, and Taco Bell. The weight piled on and I began to feel terrible. I was so busy with college that I found no time to eat well. 

I was in the worst shape of my life and I thought I would never change. 

After I graduated I began to experiment with ways to eat better even with a busy schedule. 

  • I did something active every day.
  • I had more energy than I thought was possible allowing me to workout after a 10 hour day.
  • My work was of a higher quality and I finished it in half the time.
  • I improved my relationships with my friends and family
  • And I did all of this while working a regular 9-5 job!

I tried everything, finding the methods that worked the best in the least amount of time. The experience I went through, improving my own health and losing 45 pounds inspired me to help others achieve the health about-face I had. 

I received my nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition and started coaching friends and family. 

  • I realized diets were pointless since they never last.
  • My clients started changing their eating styles one habit at a time
  • I began coaching habits that last a lifetime.
  • I taught my clients how to be efficient and cook healthy meals like a pro.

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I Found a Higher Calling: Helping People Like You

Apron on! Ready to cook!

Most importantly, I realized that I wanted to help you. 

I was having a direct impact on my friends’ and family’s lives and it felt amazing. It felt so good to see them go from never having time to prep a meal to preparing and cooking all their meals. 


I watched as the weight fell off and stayed off. I watched my clients become more active. It wasn’t long until I realized that health was a habit anyone can learn. I created techniques to build good health despite a busy schedule. 

  • You’ll feel amazing when you build these healthy habits yourself.
  • You’ll discover the time you never knew you had and get in the best shape of your life.
  • You’ll have the energy to do anything you want even after working a 10 hour day.
  • Your brain will be empowered allowing you to work faster with better quality.
  • You’ll accomplish tasks in half the time

"Eating good food is, to me, one of life's greatest joys, and I will never punish myself for it."

- Miriam Shor

I Teach Habits that Ditch the Diet

I’ve never been one to advocate for the traditional approaches to health. 

I understand what it means to be a busy professional. I also understand the need to have fun. My non-traditional approach to nutrition reflects my non-traditional approach to life. I quit my engineering job to bike across the country and walk up the Pacific Crest Trail. My life has never felt so fulfilled. 


Getting outside and moving is one of the most important facets of my life. 

Travel has always been important to me as I’ve visited Europe, South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. After leaving my engineering job, I found a passion for helping people. I volunteered for 2 months in Houston to help rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. I find no better fulfillment than being able to help someone change their life in even a small way.

Coast to coast bike tour

I Struggled with Eating Well Just Like You

Attempting to eat well while through hiking

I know how hard it is to eat better. Just like you:

  • I struggled for years trying to build good health.
  • I experimented with diets that never worked in the long term. 
  • I understand how awful it feels to have poor confidence from being out of shape.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. You just took the first step in changing your life. 

My Program is Different

My meal prep program has taken busy people from never having the time to pick up a pan to cooking every single meal. I watched as they changed their lives and their health. 

  • I prescribe easy habits that ditch the typical diet.
  • I help you build habits that last a lifetime. 
  • The habits you’ll learn will help you eat healthy no matter how busy you are.
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