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How to Create a Whole Food Diet to Conquer Your Health

Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated. When people try to lose weight or eat healthy, they make extremely complicated rules. They place restrictions on themselves about everything. Dieters hold beliefs that they can’t eat carbs or that fat is bad for them. Soon, they can count on one hand the foods they can actually


5 Food Hacks to Keep You Fueled on the Road

Eating on the road is tough. Eating healthy is even harder. There have been multiple times while traveling where I have had to settle for a less than desirable meal just because I’m hungry. Over years of traveling, I have found some simple ways to eat better. I want to share 5 food hacks that


How to Eat Healthy and Avoid the Diet Hype

How to eat healthy in a world of fitness fads? The diet hype is real. How many times have you heard of a friend or coworker trying that new fad diet?  The truth is, most diet fail, and for good reason: nutrition is tough. After all, while you are training 3-5 time per week, you


Breaking Out of the Cycle of Rinse and Repeat

What is our purpose? Why do we seek new adventure? When is it ok to accept our current situation? The world is a funny place. We’re surrounded by people who confirm that what we’re doing is “right.” How can we know that were on the right path? Society can trick us into a degree of


How a Through Hike Can Change Your Life

My body was tired. 40 miles in and everything hurt. Each step pounded my already sore feet. My legs propelled me into an open meadow surrounded by 3 mountains. The soreness subsided and my body did what it knew best: it kept walking. I became engrossed in beauty as I passed waterfalls, roaring rivers, and