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In August 2017 I set out on an open-ended bicycle tour circumnavigating the US. This video blog highlights the twenty-first leg of my journey from Del Rio to Marathon, Texas.

This ride was some of the most interesting of the tour. I rode through some desolate country and up some big hills. The mountains are pretty incredible out here in West Texas, but the climbing is steady and upwards. The scenery is beautiful and the terrain is sparse. There were areas where there were 60 miles without services. I’ve never been in an area of the country like this and I didn’t know it existed. There are stretches where the road will go straight for miles and then you’ll go up a big hill. I battled headwinds and weather to get to places. There is no water and no food.

Despite this, I’ve been pleasantly┬ásurprised by its beauty and people. People here are proud of their little Texas towns and the welcome is worth the desolate country. It was a great ride. Check out the video for the full experience!

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