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What is our purpose? Why do we seek new adventure? When is it ok to accept our current situation? The world is a funny place. We’re surrounded by people who confirm that what we’re doing is “right.” How can we know that were on the right path?

Society can trick us into a degree of comfort. We wake up one day and realize that silently the years have passed and we’ve accomplished none of our goals. Our dreams to become “something” that felt so real when we were a child have fallen by the wayside. Yet, we have everything we need. Our basic needs are fulfilled, yet were still unhappy. Where did we go wrong? How did we fall into the cycle of rinse and repeat?

Comfort is relative. Pain is temporary.

The decision to change is painful. Our dreams inspire us, but when put into action they scare us. The first roadblock is the best excuse to give up. How many times have you started something and given up because it got “hard?” How many times have you heard about a friend who started a fad diet only to fail? What are we doing wrong?


The truth is we aren’t doing anything wrong. We’re doing what we were programmed to do. We seek safety and comfort. From the days our ancestors ran from large animals, our brain has been programmed to seek security. When things get hard, we’ve been taught to revert back to our old ways. New is scary.


Our brain has been programmed to think this way, but deep down we know the hardest things give us the most satisfaction. How many times have we avoided doing something thinking it was too hard, only to realize that it isn’t that bad? Think of that guy or girl we were afraid to ask out. Every time it felt better to ask them out regardless of the outcome. The juice is always worth the squeeze. Comfort is relative. Pain is temporary.

When Life Becomes a Cycle of Rinse and Repeat

We grew up thinking one thing. We have to work until were 65 and retire to a suburban life. Joy does not come from work it comes from the one vacation a year or a long weekend trip. We come home tired and can barely find the time to make dinner. We ignore our loved ones because we’re so caught up with “work.” The little things are no longer important. Life becomes a cycle. It becomes a rinse and repeat.

Why do we ignore that little voice that’s pulling us to do something different? How can we learn to listen and ignore society’s expectations?


The first step is realizing there are other options. You don’t have to live an unfulfilled life. The path less traveled will be harder, but the fulfillment is worth the effort. The best rewards are at the end of a hard day’s work. Do you feel fulfilled after binge-watching House of Cards? Probably not. When and where have you felt fulfilled? I bet it’s when you truly work for something. That dream job you’ve been chasing, yet seems out of reach is closer than you think. Sometimes the difference between reaching your goals and failing is one day of effort. One phone call. One text. What is the one thing holding you back? Identify it and crush your goals.

When did Rinse and Repeat Become the Norm?

The people around you may not understand you. They support you, but secretly you know that they think you’re crazy. We’ve been taught that breaking the norm is dangerous. Since you’ve decided to break the norm, you’re dangerous. Rinse and repeat is the norm. Why change? Why be different? You’re comfortable now.


Discomfort is far more rewarding. What are your best memories? I bet they’re times when you did something new. A trip or an uncomfortable work project. A new and unexpected relationship. These are the things we want, yet we refuse to seek them. Become “a seeker.” Never be afraid to fight for what you believe in. When you fight for what you want, you won’t take no for an answer. You seek out people like you. People that are willing to fight. Your limits are in your imagination.

It Won’t be Easy

You won’t always feel in charge. You’re going to want to go back to comfort. Surround yourself with a community that understands why you are fighting. You won’t feel alone in the world anymore. Nobody ever did something great alone. The greatest thinkers have the greatest support networks. Find people that are willing to fight as hard as you are. Stop dealing with people that are satisfied with rinse and repeat.


The world is a big place. Our corner is small, but we can make a difference. By fighting for what we believe, we can change the world. The actualization that we can be different will change your life. Fight. Never be satisfied with rinse and repeat.

What have you done to break out of the cycle of rinse and repeat? Where are you on your journey? What lessons have you learned about finding your true passions? Let me know in the comments.


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