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In August 2017 I set out on an open-ended bicycle tour circumnavigating the US. This video blog highlights the ninth leg of my journey from Beaufort, SC to Jacksonville, FL.

The ride out of Beaufort was scenic as I traversed multiple bridges across islands and swamps. I was lucky to have a nice shoulder as I pedaled along some busier roads. The scenery quickly changed as I approached Savannah. The land became very swampy and the magical oaks of the south began to emerge. I was soon entrenched in the magic of Savannah. My exploration of Savannah brought me to beautiful beaches and historic neighborhoods. The 3 day ride down to Florida was mostly swampland surrounded by pine trees. I was lucky to have a bike escort out of Georgia as I approached Florida. Florida marked a huge milestone in the tour! I had biked 2000 miles down the east coast and reached Florida. I’m still amazed I made it this far. Check out the full video for all the sites and sounds.

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