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Finding your superpower is important for guiding your life going forward. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Where is the intersection between the 2? I think my main superpower (and the reason I established this site) is I am very good at establishing a fitness lifestyle. This may be because I always work hard at establishing strong habits and follow through on what I start or it could be because I enjoy fitness. Either way I have been living a fitness lifestyle since my parents took me out into the outdoors when I was five (biking, hiking, exploring).

I love being able to push myself to reach new goals and find different areas of fitness I enjoy. Sure I may fall of the wagon sometime, but keeping up this lifestyle has made me feel better inside and out. While working for the past 3 years I have not faltered and continue to take on new challenges. I am no expert on every aspect of fitness and triathlon, but I am getting better and better at establishing a healthy lifestyle that never dies.




Using my Superpower to Bring Fitness to the Masses

Through the years, I have found satisfaction in listening to people and their needs. I consider this to be another superpower because it allows me to join fitness and helping people. I know I can use my experience living a fitness lifestyle to be able to listen to people on what they need to accomplish. The intersection of these two superpowers allows me to bring a service that I would enjoy. I have worked hard in my own life so that I can bring fulfillment to others. This fulfillment is my ultimate go and it is why I established this site. I know I can help people live a life of freedom and health. Not only will my services help people, but they will also bring me happiness.

Tri for Travel is the one stop shop to bring fitness, freedom, and motivation. I want to use my superpowers to really help people live the lifestyle they want to live! Let me know if you have any superpowers or I can help you realize your goals.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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