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Being perfect is something a lot of us try to attain. We don’t want to start doing something because we aren’t ready. You don’t sign up for a race because you aren’t ready. You don’t start living the life you want because the pieces in place aren’t perfect. The truth is the pursuit of perfection is an endless endeavor because nothing will ever be perfect.


The real key is starting something. It doesn’t really matter if it’s perfect because it will get you on the right track. Just starting can be the hardest part. One of the best ways to get rolling is to take an “imperfect action” every day. This is the point of this blog challenge and it has been eye opening and fulfilling to get a post out there every day. I want to talk about another imperfect action I will take every day to avoid the trap of perfection.


How to Beat the Trap of Perfection and Find your Potential in Fitness and Life

I talk a lot about finding more freedom and beating the norm. It looks intimidating and it can be. However, starting with something imperfect is often the way to become an expert. There was a great podcast on this from The Ted Radio Hour which talks about how procrastination is not necessarily a bad thing (it breeds creativity), but starting is the most important thing (I would encourage you to listen). So what is the imperfect action I am going to take every day to avoid the “false start” and limits that come with the pursuit of perfection?



My Imperfect Action to Beat the Endless Pursuit of Perfection

I have been putting off building my audience because I want to build some content first. I want to have something I can give them. To grow my audience, I am going to commit over the next 30 days to growing my audience every day even though I don’t have all the content I want right now. Even though I don’t have all the content I want now, I now know and have experienced that starting is the best way to get going. I am super excited to build my email list and get more people on my site! I know that over time I can develop the content I want to make my site the one stop shop for everything triathlon.


Let me know what the one imperfect action you can take is and how you can avoid the pitfalls of perfection. Life and fitness can be overwhelming, but often just starting is the way to get on the right track!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

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