What I'm up to right now!

This is more than an about page. Follow what I'm doing right now in fitness and travel!

Now, Now


I've been living in Colorado for 4 months now, and I've been loving every minute. I've skied 60 days this season with 3/4 of a million of vertical downhill. I'm loving the mountain life and I'm incredibly grateful to be able to live in such an incredible place. I've been working and skiing a lot so the work on T4T has been slow. However, I see where I'm going and I'm looking forward to helping people on their nutrition journey.

I recently interviewed on the Zero to Travel Podcast. Stay tuned for the full interview coming out soon. It will include a comprehensive post on preparing for the PCT. Check out my blog for other posts.

I've decided to stay in Telluride for the summer so I can experience everything the summer season has to offer. I'm incredibly excited for the variety of outdoor activities the summer has to offer.

Check out my FB group that supports you in your dreams and goals. Don't let the demons of bad health rule your life! Pick up your lance and mount your bike to conquer the battlefields of life. I will be posting inspirational posts and updates on my journey! Join the army of crusaders fighting the battle for fitness.