What I'm up to right now!

This is more than an about page. Follow what I'm doing right now in fitness and travel!

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I've been off the PCT for 3 months. It's been an interesting time integrating back into "regular" life after having completed 8,000 human powered miles around the US. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do next, and the ensuing challenges. It won't be easy, but I want to remain free of a typical 9-5 job. This could mean freelance engineering or further work on Tri for Travel (or maybe something else). Either way, I'm excited about a bit more stability as I continue my quest.

I've completed a few posts on my tour and through hike. Check out my blog for the full posts.

I've landed in Telluride Colorado for the winter. It's an incredible place with amazing scenery and cooler people. I can't wait to share all of my pictures from this beautiful place. I'm working as a gondola operator 4 days a week while taking the rest of the time to build my business and ski. I'm so excited about what this winter has to come.

I recently started a NEW FB group to help you reach your goals. Don't let the demons of bad health rule your life! Pick up your lance and mount your bike to conquer the battlefields of life. I will be posting inspirational posts and updates on my journey! Join the army of crusaders fighting the battle for fitness.