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This is more than an about page. Find out what I'm up to now and in the future!



COVID19 is as real here as anywhere else. I can't work from home like some others, so I'm stuck at home taking on new projects. I'm taking this as an opportunity to build my business. I'm staying busy by creating new content to provide as much value as I can.

I think this is a great time to make healthy changes. You have COMPLETE control over your environment. You OWN your environment right now. Set it up how you want.

  • Clean up and keep it clean. This will motivate you to stay healthy and working.
  • Set up your kitchen for success by stocking healthy foods and making processed foods hard to reach.
  • Stay connected with positive influences on video chat or text.
  • Keep your workplace separate from your other spaces

Keep going after your goals. Don't use this time as an excuse, use it as an opportunity!

I Still Have a Lot Going on

I recently interviewed on the Anomalous Educator Podcast. The full interview will come out in a few months. It was really fun talking to Ray about coaching and education!

My new coaching program is growing ever closer to launch. It will help you ditch the diet and create healthy habits that last for life. Our health is more important than ever! Make it a priority.

Stay tuned as the program will be launching with a completely new webinar. Subscribe to my email list for updates!

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