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Now, Now


I'm loving the Colorado summer and all the activities that come with it. I'm biking, hiking, or running every day. I've been getting into mountain biking a lot more and I've been crushing the trails. I also love all the music festivals and everything going on here in the summer. The weather, people, and activities have been amazing.

I recently interviewed on the Zero to Travel Podcast. The full interview is out! It includes a comprehensive post on preparing for the PCT. Head to the blog to check out the interview and post.

I've really fallen in love with Telluride this summer and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon. The outdoor community is incredible and I love getting lost in the mountains.

Check out my FB group that supports you in your dreams and goals. Don't let the demons of bad health rule your life! Pick up your lance and mount your bike to conquer the battlefields of life. I will be posting inspirational posts and updates on my journey! Join the army of crusaders fighting the battle for fitness.