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Five years ago, I remember traveling through Italy and knowing next to nothing about merging training and travel successfully. I had grown a steady love of triathlon and travel over the years, but I had yet to combine the two successfully. In Italy I ate everything and barely exercised. The results were evident upon my return. I was sluggish, overweight, and most importantly unhealthy.


I learned on this trip that traveling like this was unsustainable. I had come back worse off than when I had left. It took a month of hard work and dedication just to feel human again.


Is training and traveling easy? Hell no. It is one of the hardest things to do. Combing nutrition, training, transportation, planning, sightseeing, and jet lag is a complicated mess. Sorting through this mess is difficult even for the most resilient. Anyone who says they can train and travel successfully the first time is lying!


  • Do you find it difficult to eat (and even find) healthy food on the road?
  • Do you find it difficult to find running routes?
  • Do you find it impossible to find a usable bike?
  • Do you find that you have no time for training let alone travel?
  • Do you slowly feel your body deteriorating from poor eating and lack of fitness on the road?
  • Are your trips a constant haze filled with alcohol and greasy food?


We all know dedicating time to fitness alone is hard enough. Adding in travel can create a complicated web only surpassed by US taxes. In fact taxes are sometimes even less complicated! Most people think combining training and travel is left to the most dedicated and knowledgeable athletes. This is completely false.


I have traveled and trained successfully around the world from Peru to Australia. My goals differed on each trip from general fitness to training for a half ironman.


Was it easy?? Definitely not. However, through five years of training and travel I have developed an approach that works. I am ready to share my experience from my failures in Italy to "winning" in Australia.


Is there a one size fits all approach??? No, unless you're superman. Everyone needs a different approach to their training and travel. I may want to run on the road because I have a marathon coming up, but you may want to maintain good health. I could be traveling through Thailand in summer and you could be in Canada in the dead of winter.


Situation, experience, and goals create different needs. Tri For Travel is the first site to bring together these needs to create customized training and travel solutions.


Is there one service for everyone? Don't think so. Tri For Travel hosts a myriad of services designed to meet your goals. Visit the pages below to find the service that fits your training and travel goals.

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