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I was sitting at home planning my first trip Peru trying to take into account the needs of all my friends and my own. While in Peru, I would need to maintain my running fitness for an upcoming half marathon. Additionally, I was planning a trip for 4 other people. Needless to say I was stressed out.


My friends felt it was of their best interest to never respond to any ideas I put out there or add any input to the planning process. I found myself stressed, frustrated, and unhappy.


The travel planning was difficult enough. Planning my running training on top of that was overwhelming. How was I supposed to figure out where to run if I had not even figured out how to get from the airport to the hostel?


  • Have you ever been overwhelmed by planning travel?
  • Does your training suffer on the road due to poor planning?
  • Are you constantly stressed before and even during travel?


I know I would heartedly answer "yes" to all these questions during my Peru trip. The experience of planning travel and training creates unneeded stress and frustration. Before and during the trip, I wished there was something out there to help me...


When I got back from Peru, I realized that customized training AND travel plans were something that people really needed. I decided to show people how to do training and travel the right way. I learned a lot in Peru and I have learned even more through five years of combining training and travel.


Tri For Travel's customized training and travel plans eliminate the stress that comes with planning training and travel. Let me show you the best places to run AND the best places to eat. Over the years, I have learned to curate a superior travel and training experience.


I know how to pick apart a destination finding the best running, biking, swimming, restaurants, tours, sites, and local experiences. Plans include:

  • Where to eat
  • Bike and running routes
  • Where to rent a bike
  • Where to swim
  • The best things to do
  • How to get around
  • Where to stay
  • Specific requests


Is each plan the same? Noooo. Each plan looks at your needs and budget along with your training goals. Plans are customized to your needs. Want to ride a horse across the Andean wilderness? I can help with that. Don't know what you want to do? I can provide a list of the top things to do.


Eliminate your pre-trip stress and make travel easy. My training and travel plans make travel easy.


Each plan is highly customized and different. I need to know your needs to realistically assign a price and value. Set up a free 30 minute Skype call with me and I will be happy to go through your needs. If anything I can help you get started; there is no obligation to purchase a training and travel plan.

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