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The Truth is ANYONE can Finish a Triathlon.

Competing in triathlons has changed my life. In college I was 245 lbs., overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I did not know what healthy was. Eating Taco Bell, drinking beer, and eating pizza were daily highlights. I really did not care about what I ate and my fitness was wholly ignored.


I found the sport of triathlon and slowly my life began to change. Change was a slow process of learning to love good health and exercise. Slowly, I dropped pound by pound until I had lost 45 lbs. and got into the best shape of my life! More importantly, I felt better inside and out. With the support of coaches and friends, I was able to compete in my first triathlon and place on the podium for rookie athletes.



College at 245 lbs.


Now in Thailand at 200 lbs.

Soon after, I discovered my love of travel when I moved to Ecuador for 5 months. In Ecuador travel became part of who I am today. I loved connecting with cultures while learning more about myself. Travel filled a void I didn't know was there.


Upon return, I focused on building my health by reading everything about good health and fitness. I tried everything (with mixed results). I fought to combine my love of travel with triathlon. It wasn't always easy, but the process was rewarding.


With more triathlons and travel under my belt, I knew I had to share my experiences with others. This is where Tri For Travel was born! I continue to push the boundaries of conventional thinking, bringing triathlon and travel to everyone.

I was intimidated. As I watched the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, I could not help feeling inadequate. Athletes were finishing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a marathon in just over 8 hours! Are you kidding me?!?!


How can any normal person compete in triathlons? Clearly triathletes are insane or freaks of nature.


This is what I thought for a long time until I finally ventured into the "crazy" sport of triathlon and I realized triathletes are just like you and me.



Triathlon Training Should be Fun


You probably see triathlon training as a horrible, repetitive grind. Workouts have you waiting for it to be over. Your legs ache all over and you wish you were home watching Netflix.


Triathlon training doesn't have to be like this! My training is focused around the fun side of training. I enjoy ALL my workouts because they're fun. I add in variety and adventure to every session. Sometimes I forget I am training for a race.


Have you ever felt this way about working out?

  • You don't have time to workout (especially while traveling)
  • You have no idea where to begin
  • Running gets boring after 30 minutes
  • The treadmill is a death sentence
  • You can't imagine sitting on a spin bike inside for more than 15 minutes
  • You hate running or biking on the same routes over and over

Coaching that takes the "intensity" out of Triathlon

Imagine crossing the finish line and getting your first medal and dropping that weight you have always been trying to lose without starving yourself. In fact imagine eating more! Think about enjoying fitness instead of dreading it. This is what triathlon did for me. I finally began to enjoy working out.


Becoming a triathlete was a process. I worked through health, time, and nutrition issues to make my training a priority. It took me years to finally find the secrets behind intelligent training. I want to share that knowledge with you.

I have been competing in triathlon for over 5 years now. I understand the pain that comes with starting a training plan. I can relate to the struggles of having a full time job while training and traveling. Most importantly, I can provide the dedicated 1 on 1 attention that you need.


My goal with Tri for Travel is to provide a training experience that is far from conventional. My training has spanned the globe from Lima, Peru to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I believe training should be fun and adventurous. Travel and training are inherent parts of my life; one cannot exist without the other. Tri for Travel routines are different than the norm because they combine travel and training beating the "boring" routine.


My Coaching is More Than a Training Plan

No one is too busy (I still train while working, traveling, and running Tri for Travel!). I found a sport I really love and I want to spread that love. I am passionate about bringing triathlon and travel to everyone.

Tri for Travel coaching is more than fitness. I combine fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle into one package. Most coaches hand you your workouts for the week and you never hear from them for the rest of the week. Typical coaching is all about the program instead of the person.

My coaching focuses on changing your life. Nothing is out of bounds as I have helped people lose weight, realize PRs, or even work through personal issues. My training includes:

  • Introductory face to face Skype call
  • Individualized training and nutrition plan
  • Introduction to nutrition, goal setting, heart rate zones, etc…
  • 24/7 access to me for any and all questions
  • Weekly meetings or as required
  • Slack group to keep all your training material in one place
  • Any tweaks to the training plan along the way
  • Tips and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Specific training advice while traveling
  • Accountability!

I know I can help you reach your goals. There is no one else that will devote the time and energy to help YOU breakthrough your barriers. Training is very individualized and different people require different levels of commitment. Schedule a 30 minute call with me with me to change your life. We can discuss prices on an introductory 30 minute Skype call where I can learn more about YOU and tailor a plans to YOUR needs. No obligation!


"Joe is awesome. He is helping me develop a better and happier lifestyle. He gives new approaches as needed on how to tackle my specific goals. He is resourceful and knowledgeable in his recommendations and explains solutions to me in a way I can realistically incorporate into my busy days. He’s helped me make small, but lasting changes that now are just part of my much healthier lifestyle. It truly helps to have someone keeping you accountable. Even if it was a bad week, it’s good to 'face the music' with Joe. He isn’t going to be upset about it, but rather understand what happened and try a different method with me. After 6 months with him, not only do I feel and am better physically, but also mentally. I’m much more confident of my knowledge and abilities. Thanks coach!"

- Sandra De La Cruz, February 2017


Change your life today!

For a limited time, the first month of coaching is free. No obligation. Free month trials are limited, so act quickly. Click the sign up button and schedule your 30 minute introductory Skype call. Don't wait to start enjoying your life in travel and training! Small changes create progress, and progress creates a lifestyle.

PS Training should not be a chore. My training provides new experiences every week. I help you experience the world in your own backyard! Let me help you start something that will change your life! Just click below.


PPS If you are not ready to take on full-time coaching head to my customized training plan page. There is no one size fit all training plan for everyone. Let me combine adventure and fun into your plan. The plans are very specific to individual needs and we can discuss pricing on a personal basis.


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