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Where in the World is Joe?

Check out my bike tour across the US and my hike up the Pacific Crest Trail.

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So you're interested in Triathlon and Travel?

Triathlon and travel are my passions. It took me awhile to find what I loved about fitness and travel. You can check out my journey on my about page. I want you to find your path to passion!


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Tri For Travel is your gateway to the best in training, travel, and adventure. I am dedicated to providing the best content that will help you live a lifestyle filled with travel and health. I recommend subscribing to my email list to receive updates on new content. Included with email list subscription is a free 14-day course!


The posts I recommend to begin a life of training and travel are:

1. Why triathlon training is not as hard as you think.

2. How to end your fear of starting and find freedom.

3. Sydney, Australia Training, and Travel Guide

4. How To Kill Your Nutrition Through Eating Healthy

5.  How To Train And Travel While Still Having Fun


My blog is categorized into training, travel, lifestyle, and nutrition. Check out my category page to see ALL the blog posts for each topic. Recent posts are located HERE.

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